Your Councillors

The parish council consists of 13 Councillors.  They are members of the following committees, advisory groups and project-specific working parties. Please note there are currently 4 vacancies. 

Notice of casual vacancy April 2024

Environment (E), Traffic (T), Sports and Recreation (SR),  Finance and General Purposes (FGP), Community Events (C), Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), Personnel (P), Community Park (CP)

Please note that planning matters are currently dealt with at full Council meetings.


Chairman: Mark Weale (SR/P/FGP/C/CP)

 07801 443733

Vice Chairman: Vacancy 1



David Broddle (E/SR/CP)

 01245 382829

Marel Elliston (E/P/CP)

 01245 380827
Charlotte Greaves (CP)

 07527 763038
Ted Munt (E/SR/P/FGP/NDP/CP)   01245 381135

Mike Renow (CP/NDP)

 01245 380071
Tina Short
Diane Wallace (P/E/CE/NDP/CP)  01245 381485
Richard Parker
Catherine Etheridge   TBC 
Vacancy 2    
Vacancy 3    


The Parish Councillors' Register of Interests can be viewed by clicking on the link.


The Parish Council is also supported by:

Richard Alston - Parish Paths Representative

Ken Earney - Deputy Parish Paths Representative 


John Cockell - Traffic Advisory Group Chairman


Lesley Moxhay - Tree Warden


Donna Goddard - Urban Wildlife Champion


District Councillors: 

Charley Dervish

Who can be contacted via:


tel no         07809 687944

post           C/O Causeway House
                        Bocking End
                        CM7 9HB


James Coleridge

Who can be contacted via:


post          C/O Causeway House


Essex County Councillor:

Derrick Louis

Who can be contacted via: