Examination Correspondence

5th Sept 2017   Examiner's procedural matters letter

13th Sept 2017   HPPC letter to Examiner

20th Sept 2017   Examiner's letter 

19th Oct 2017     BDC letter to Examiner 

25th Jan 2018     Natural England letter to BDC

7th Feb 2018      BDC emails to Nat England

26th March 2018 Examiner's letter

  6th April 2018   HPPC Letter to Examiner

10th April 2018   Examiner's letter

18th June 2018   Examiner's letter re EU ruling

  8th Aug 2018    BDC letter to Examiner

28th Aug 2018    Examiner's letter to BDC

early Oct 2018    emails between BDC and Nat Eng

23rd Oct 2018     Examiner's letter to BDC

29th Nov 2018    BDC letter to Examiner

15th Jan 2019     BDC letter to Examiner

18th Jan 2019     Examiner's letter to BDC

2nd April 2019    Examiner's letter to BDC and HPPC

8th May 2019      BDC letter to Examiner

14th May 2019    BDC email to Examiner

8th July 2019      BDC email to Examiner

23rd July 2019   THE EXAMINER'S REPORT