Walks in Hatfield Peverel


Footpaths in Hatfield Peverel

Back in 1993, Catherine Voysey produced a small 24 page booklet titled “Nine Walks Around Hatfield Peverel”. This was dedicated to her late husband, Martin Voysey, who had been a staunch campaigner in maintaining the paths around the village and preserving them for future generations.  Here is an article that he wrote for the Review back in 1974:



A pdf version of Catherine’s booklet can be found by clicking on the link below:



Not surprisingly, some of the paths have changed since the early nineties. Although most of the booklet is correct, there are some inaccuracies. This has meant that revisions to the text (and sketch maps) have needed to be made. The updated walks are now shown separately below. They are simply numbered in the order that they appeared in the first booklet.  Please look at the map which gives you an idea of the locations of all of the paths, click on one of the paths that interests you below, print it off, and get exploring the wonderful countryside that we have around our village!

Map of the nine walks around Hatfield Peverel


Click on the path title and you should get a printable pdf of the walk:

1. Around Toppinghoe Hall

2. Two rivers walk

3. Worlds End and Damases Lane

4. Towards Terling

5. The Vineyards and Termitts Farm

6. Over to Wickham Bishops

7. Along the River Ter to Little Baddow

8. Around the Community Park

9. To Ulting and back


For further information on local walks (which are free to download), and details of books, maps and walking groups in the county, see https://www.walkinginengland.co.uk/essex/ .  Please note, this is an external website and is not affiliated with the Parish Council.  The Parish Council cannot verify the accuracy of the information provided.